Your Town Council

Shortly after formation of the parish, 15 members were elected to Northstowe Town Council on the 6th May 2021. Elections took place again in May 2022, bringing this in line with the 4 year election cycle across the rest of South Cambridgeshire.

You can find out who your Town Councillors are on the "Your Councillors" section of this website.


To find out more how the Town Council functions, please visit our Policies and Accounts web pages.

The Town Council holds monthly Full Council meetings and has several Standing Committees that meet regularly. All meetings are always open to the public.


In addition to the official Council meetings, several Working Groups have been formed to research and prepare information, to bring this back to the relevant Council meeting for decision-making; the current Working Groups are:

Working Groups currently active, reporting back to Full Council:

  • Joint Sustainability Working Group (with Longstanton PC) - 2 Cllr. members.
  • Hydrology Working Group - 5 Cllr. members; lead: Cllr Littlemore.
  • Phase 1 Asset Transfer Opportunities Working Group (Sports Pavilion) - 2 Cllr members.
  • Warm Hub Working Group: 5 Cllr. + 1 external partner members; lead: Cllr Males.
  • Road Safety Working Group: 5 Cllr; lead: Cllr Susarla.

 Active Working Groups reporting back to the Events and Markets Commitee:

  • Market Development Working Group: 5 Cllr. + 2 external partner members; lead: Cllr Bros Sabria.
  • Jubilee Event Working Group: 3 Cllr. members.
  • 2022 Christmas Switch-On Working Group: 4 Cllr. members; lead: Cllr Delip.