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Paul Littlemore

Paul Littlemore

Deputy Town Mayor. Chair of Planning Committee

I moved to Northstowe in 2018 and have lived in Cambridgeshire all of my adult life. I work as an IT Solutions Engineer for a multi-national software company, dealing with complex sets of requirements and designing and delivering cost-effective solutions in a timely manner.

I have often been encouraged to take part in local democracy by friends involved in Parish Councils, and the formation of Northstowe Town Council felt like the right time to put myself forward. Areas I am particularly passionate about are open space management and the future of the Greenbelt changes, ensuring that the Town Council can grow other revenue streams beside precept and ensuring that development is of the highest possible quality and the developers meet their Section 106 obligations on time. 

Together let's make sure that Northstowe is a great place to live, work and visit. 

Jason Benedicic

Jason Benedicic

Vice-Chair of Finance and Governance Committee

Born and raised in Cambridge, I am familiar with the area and understand the challenges faced by residents across the county. My IT consultancy career has allowed opportunities to live in multiple places and travel the world. This has given me a well-rounded perspective and valuable experience.

We moved to Northstowe to raise our family. As part of that I want to give back to the community and make this new town somewhere residents are proud to live. I am passionate about sustainability, local business and providing services for all residents.

The possibilities for Northstowe are endless and I believe we should all be able to have a voice and shape its future. Ensuring accountability with the developers, making certain that facilities are provided where required, and that the community is given the best chance of success are top priorities for me.

Carla Bros Sabria

Carla Bros Sabria

Vice Chair of Events and Markets Committee

Born and raised in Spain, after having lived in Cambridge for 7 years, I moved to Northstowe in January 2020 with my husband and son. I have an environmental science background and work as a social policy researcher. I am passionate about sustainable living and a firm believer of local governance and community engagement. I am Chair of the Northstowe Sustainability Community Group, and I love playing tennis if I have any spare time!

As Town Councillor, I want to make a difference in the next key moments of the development of our community. I will work for Northstowe to become an exemplary healthy, positive, innovative and socially connected town. My focus will be on sustainability, local economy and participation, and I aim to represent the views and concerns of all residents.

Naveen Castelino

Naveen Castelino

Chair of Finance and Governance Committee

I moved to Northstowe in December 2017 with my wife and son. Before that, I lived in Chesterton, Cambridge for 7 years. I work as a business development executive for an aerospace & automotive company based in Cambridge.

I was a Parish Councillor in the combined Northstowe & Longstanton Parish Council before being elected to the Northstowe Town Council. Being a Councillor gives me the chance to represent the views of the local people, ensure that community interests are taken into account and be involved in shaping the future of the local community.

I enjoy playing badminton and tennis. 

Shola Delip

A very friendly and approachable IT Consultant who has worked in various civil service departments for around 20 years and left civil service, to do a Masters in Computer Science.

I moved to Northstowe from London in August 2019 with my husband and son and fell in love with the diverse and growing community here. I have helped set up several clubs and communities in Northstowe and am an active member in all of them.

As a Town Councillor my priorities will be on making Northstowe safer by helping prevent crime, organise events for the community that are affordable by everyone and for all age groups young or old, tackle mental health, domestic violence and work towards the well-being of the community. My focus will also be on sustainability and climate change. 

Louise Gamon

Louise Gamon

Vice-Chair of Planning Committee

A nomad for the first 30 years of my life, fate brought my husband and I to Longstanton as renters. Two children later, we brought our house in Rampton Drift 15 years ago, knowing that it would be in Northstowe. Community is very important to me and is why I choose to stay. People need to know that there is a place for them to belong. 

I have a combined 44 years experience in community groups here.

    • Helping deliver a message and inform residents via the village magazine, enabling groups and individuals to be heard;
    • Treasurer for the football club and scouts groups - providing a space for all regardless of ability or income; 
    • Event planning small and large scale for Friends of All Saints Church, Longstanton
I want to ensure that we are a cohesive, safe and friendly community to live in.

Maria Harrison

I moved to Northstowe in 2018, having previously lived in Ipswich, Suffolk where I worked as a theatre manager. I now work in the charity sector as an office administrator.

I was a Parish Councillor in Longstanton for nearly 2 years before being elected to the Northstowe Town Council. As a councillor, my focus will be on sustainability, community engagement and creating an inclusive environment for all. 

Kathy Males

I am a local person who moved a whole mile to Northstowe in 2018. I love the chance of building a new community with a diverse and multi-national population and I have been actively involved in helping set up several Northstowe groups.

My passion is for people, community and inclusion. I have lived in social housing in the past and was a lone parent for many years. I want to help ensure that all groups are well represented on the council and that the quality of life for every resident is improved through practical measures.

On a personal note, I enjoy swimming, badminton, yoga, singing and traveling. I have 2 well educated adult sons.

Deborah Oluwasanya

Deborah Oluwasanya

Chair of Events and Markets Committee

I am a scientist and a mother who cares deeply about where we raise our children and the foundations we lay for our future,

When I think of Northstowe, I think of "our home" and the collective responsibility we have to make all it needs to be for us - a place where everyone feels welcome, heard and included amongst others.

As Town Councillor three things will guide my service - our children, our future, our home. 

Amitkumar Panvekar

Vice-Chair of Assets and Asset Transfer Committee

Pradeep Susarla

Vice-Chair of Personnel Committee

Ilse Van Der Meijden

Ilse Van Der Meijden

Chair of Personnel Committee

I am an energetic, driven, creative and passionate individual who is always looking for a challenge. I moved to Longstanton in 2016 and then to Northstowe in 2021. I am a mother of two children who attend local primary and secondary schools.

In my role as Town Councillor, I will support the local community to socialise and grow together.  




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