Northstowe Town Council

Welcome to the website for Northstowe Town Council.


The Town Council was formed in spring 2021 to serve the community of Northstowe.

Northstowe is a brand-new town: it saw its first inhabitants move in in 2017.

The town currently (Sep. 2023 data) has 1,452 homes occupied [x99 original homes + rest newly built homes (x1,318 in phase 1 and x35 in phase 2).

The town is expected to grow to circa 11,000 homes with some 26,000 residents by 2042).


Local electorate in Northstowe parish, latest information: 1,959 (data 1st January 2023).

Total number of inhabitants: 4,000+ (guestimate, based on average 2.78 people per household - statistic taken from the February 2023 Cambridgeshire Insight report following the summer 2022 survey of Northstowe residents).


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