Northstowe in the News

Published: 13 September 2021

Northstowe is certainly receiving some good media interest over the last week or so.

 This is no surprise with a lot of new facilities being opened up and events being organised by organisations and community groups in and around the new town.

Here some links to what has been going on recently:


Latest articles:


· Waterpark is latest addition to facilities at Northstowe - South Cambridgeshire District Council, 06 September 2021

· This was also picked up by Cambridge Network, 07 September 2021,

· 24 pictures of the first Northstowe Running Festival in Cambridge Cambridge Independent, 10 September 2021

· New wildlife trail gets local people exploring nature in Northstowe - In Your Area, 11 September 2021



And I will leave you with the great quote from our own Mayor, Councillor Richard Owen: “I am delighted that the Northstowe Waterpark is open; this is a fantastic natural space in the heart of the town. The range of wildlife already spotted around the lakes, including avocets, plovers and lapwings, makes it effectively a nature reserve on our doorstep! In addition, this provides a new network of safe routes for children walking to school and for commuters travelling to the Park & Ride. As a council, we’re keen to ensure Northstowe is a green and sustainable place to live - the opening of the lakes, along with that of the Northern Greenway and play area next to Pathfinder School, marks a dramatic increase in the amount of green space for the community to use and enjoy.”