Issue with Royal Mail deliveries/missing post - Message for Northstowe residents

Published: 25 October 2021

Issue with Royal Mail deliveries/missing post - Message for Northstowe residents

Many Northstowe residents have reported mail missing, in particular in recent posts on the Northstowe Pioneers Facebook page (e.g., The Northstowe Pioneers | Hello! I just wondered if anyone else has had Royal Mail post go missing | Facebook and The Northstowe Pioneers | Hi all, is there issues with Royal Mail in the area at the moment | Facebook).

This is worrying, and your District Councillors are willing to take this up and approach Royal Mail directly – see The Northstowe Pioneers | Issue with Royal Mail deliveries/missing post | Facebook.

In order to help residents, we need your help to collate the evidence and log all missing items with Royal Mail directly.

Here is what you need to do if you have mail gone missing:

· All missing post should be reported to Royal Mail for each letter/parcel that fails to arrive, to make a complaint.

· Residents (sender or receiver) need to do this themselves; the Town Council, or any other level of Local authority, cannot log individual complaints on behalf of residents.

· The number to call for making a complaint is 03457 740 740 (Royal Mail Complaints number). More information can also be found at Help and Support - Personal Customers | Royal Mail Group Ltd.

· Make a complaint EACH TIME something goes missing – you will get a reference number for each item/case logged.

· Royal Mail have stated they will not investigate unless they have enough cases in an area.

· Once they have many individual complaints logged, they may then investigate.

· Where valuables have gone missing, you may want to report separately to the police as well.