Q & As from residents at last week's Annual Town Meeting

Published: 25 March 2022

At last week's Annual Town meeting, a number of questions were asked by members of the public attending.

Thank you all for asking these questions. Please find below the answers provided on the day.

If you have any further question, please do contact us.


Northstowe Town Council   -   Questions raised at the Annual Town Meeting held on Wednesday 16th March 2022.


NB: Answers: as provided on the day, with particular thanks to: Cllr Richard Owen (Northstowe Town Council), Cllr Alex Malyon (South Cambridgeshire District Council) and Kathryn Beck (South Cambridgeshire District Council); and thanks to Cllr Firouz Thompson (Cambridgeshire County Council) for providing a detailed answer to the recycling centre question.



Q: What is going to happen now the application for the 5G mast on the border between Northstowe and Longstanton has been refused, as we still need a better network?

A: Clarification was given that Greater Cambridge Planning had not refused the application because of need, as the need is acknowledged; but that the site proposed was not deemed appropriate. The applicant has been asked to come up with a new application for alternative site(s).

Q: What is happening with the planned recycling centre, near the Park and Ride site?

A: This questions was answered afterwards;

about the Household Recycling Centre (HRC) in Northstowe:

This would really depend on the proposed expansion of Milton HRC, the planning application for expansion was only validated a few weeks ago.

Available on the website at https://planning.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/online-applications/ (search for CCC/21/259/FUL), and is for “the redevelopment and expansion of Milton HRC and its permanent retention beyond the life of the adjacent Milton Landfill site”. The Neighbour Consultation expires on Wednesday this week.

It won’t be ready for decision for a while yet.

If you look at the documents for the Milton HRC planning application online at the link above, you’ll find the Planning Supporting Statement from the County Council. This says

4.3.5 The detailed site appraisal work concluded that the Milton HRC represents the best and most available location to provide a long-term, permanent facility to serve existing and new residents of Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire. Most notably because:

- The site’s location off the A10 and A14 trunk roads maximises the HRCs potential catchment (i.e., resident numbers within 20-minute travel time).

- The site’s location on major routes into / out of Cambridge and close to major supermarket will allow visits to be combined with other journeys.

4.3.6 Two other sites were identified as also being potentially suitable – Northstowe (Phase 1) and the former Cowley Road Park and Ride. In terms of the former, this was deemed less favourable than Milton as it would not be able to offer the required capacity and areas of the Milton HRC catchment would exceed the recommended 20 minutes travel time. Regarding the Cowley Road Park and Ride site, the detailed assessment work noted that this site was earmarked for other development (an Innovation Park and Anglian wastewater treatment works) and therefore was potentially unavailable as an alternative to Milton.

This very much suggests that the proposed expansion of Milton HRC would mean no HRC at Northstowe.

Q: What is going to be done to ensure the many puddles in the Water Park are being addressed, as water is not draining away?

A: This issue has previously been flagged up by the Town Council at several Phase 1 Open Spaces Steering Group meetings, and the situation is currently being monitored by L&Q, the landowner.

Q: What is being done to prevent speeding through the development?

A: The Town Council has started considering all options, although these are limited as long as the roads are not yet adopted, a process which will not be started until late 2024 at the earliest. The Town Council owns a Mobile Speed Indicator Device which is currently located on Station Road and may well, with landowner permission, be installed on Stirling Road at some stage. In addition, the Town Council is exploring whether a Traffic Regulations Order could be implemented for (parts of) Phase 1. The Pathfinder Primary School has also approached the Town Council and they are planning to hang up pupil-created posters on lamp posts to encourage drivers to slow down – this is being supported by the Town Council and the Council has already obtained permission from the developers on their behalf to hang up such posters on lamp posts along the spine roads in Northstowe.

Q: What is being done to ensure that key clubs such as the Scouts will have somewhere to go once the Wing closes for community group use in the summer? For e.g. the Scouts this might mean the end of the club for Northstowe.

A: Key is for all community groups and other organisations using the Wing to link up with the South Cambs DC Community Development Officers. SCDC is working on this behind the scenes and is considering all users’ needs and also storage needs for e.g. the foodbank. At the 23rd March 2022 Northstowe Community Forum, the SCDC management will share more information with the community about the plans and alternative options being considered.

Q: why are the quarterly Northstowe Community Forums still on Zoom and not yet back in person?

A: This is largely due to safety concerns: there are ongoing Covid-concerns with still very high case numbers in and around Cambridge means that safety

Q: How will the Phase 2 Water Park be managed?

A: The SCDC Community Development Officers are currently discussing management needs with Homes England, in particular for those areas that will be allocated for open water swimming and water sports. Various management options are being explored and it is, as yet, unclear, what the management model(s) will look like.

Q: Is Homes England taking into account the Schedule 1 protected birds that were breeding here last year such as 2 pairs of Avocets and Little Ringed Plover, in particular as the delays in getting the water park ready now mean we are about to get into a new breeding season?

A: This useful information will be presented to Homes England. NB: follow-up emails were provided by the resident which Homes England are taking on board.

Q: What is the role of the management company Greenbelt in the long-term, and is the Town Council planning to take over green space management in the long-term?

A: Northstowe Town Council has regular meetings with Greenbelt, to ensure the Council voices any concerns from residents back to Greenbelt. Once, in several years’ time the current green space management agreements come to an end, there will be an option for another party to consider taking this on, and the Town Council would consider this.

Q: Who owns the parcels of green space within the individual housing parcels?

A: These are owned and managed by the housing developer of the particular parcel, until these are handed over to Greenbelt. This has, so far, only happened for a couple of the sites, the rest will come in stages following completion of each parcel.