WELCOME to our new Councillors

Published: 28 June 2022

Full House again: Northstowe Town Council welcomes four new Councillors

Northstowe Town Council is very pleased that it can announce that four new Town Councillors have joined the 11 Councillors, resulting in all 15 Council Seats being filled again.

At last week's Full Council meeting, voting on co-option took place. This resulted in the following Councillors having been voted in:

Cllr Balaji Kinnera

Cllr Majdi Mgaidia

Cllr Ioana Sovago

Cllr Leena Ummadi

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The Town Council wishes to thank everyone who took the time to enquire about these Councillor positions and those who sent in an application form. In a time when many Parish and Town Councils struggle to find sufficient people to stand as Councillor, it is encouraging to see that Northstowe has a lot of very keen residents who wish to work with and for the community.

Community HeroesImage: NALC