Willingham Medical Practice: some facts

Published: 25 August 2022

At the most recent (26th July 2022) SCDC's Northstowe Community Forum, an interesting presentation was provided by staff from the Willingham Medical Practice.

The presentation can be found through the Community Forum page  or see it directly through this link

The Willingham Medical Practice wishes to invite anyone to see this presentation and ask any question people may have: The next presentation will be at 7pm on Weds 14th September, at the Ploughman's hall in Willingham. This meeting will chaired by the patient participation group (PPG), but it is an open invitation for people to come and ask questions and get involved with the patient group.


 Some of the key slides presented:

Willingham GP_slide 1 Willingham GP_slide 2


Some of the key points, as summarised at the Northstowe Community Forum (26th July 2022) where the presentation can also be found here:

  • Overall patient population – 10,841 
  • Patients registered from Northstowe – 2257 (20.7%) 
  • Willingham is not unique. The Primary Care Network, Clinical Commissioning Group and the whole of Primary Care are facing challenges following the pandemic. Northstowe is not impacting Willingham surgery. 
  • Experiencing a very busy winter after previous lockdown.  
  • Continuing to focus on reducing waiting times.  
  • Now holding more face-to-face consultations.
  • Introduction of 48hr appointments.