Northstowe Town Council Calls for Creative Minds in Community Logo Competition for the Northstowe Markets.

Published: 05 June 2023

Markets Logo Competition 4_low res.png 

Launch and Details of the Competition

Northstowe Markets are excited to announce a community logo competition, inviting residents and those with strong connections to Northstowe to participate. The competition will be launched on the 11th of May and the deadline for submissions is the 19th of June. This contest is open to anyone who lives, studies or works Northstowe.*

The Purpose and Scope of the Logo

The aim of this competition is to create a unique logo that encapsulates the spirit of Northstowe and its vibrant market. The winning logo will be used to promote the Northstowe market across various platforms including the website, social media, and physical promotional material such as printed posters, banners, and tote bags.

Submission Guidelines

To enter the competition, your logo should include "Northstowe market" and reflect key features of the market and of the town. Submissions can either be hand-drawn, which can be deposited in collection boxes at "Pathfinder school reception", or sent electronically to by 19th June 2023. Please go through the submission guidelines published at

Judging and Selection Process

A community voting event will take place on the 22nd of June at the Northstowe Community Lounge (TBD) at 7 pm to select the winning design from 3 shortlisted designs picked by nominated councillors. The winner will be announced at the Full Council meeting on the 27th of June.

Rights and Restrictions

Northstowe Town Council reserves the right to use and edit the design for promotional purposes. The final logo may use the full design, parts of it, or combine elements from one or more submissions. Please note that the copyright of the final logo will belong to Northstowe Town Council.
In creating the logo, contestants are asked to keep in mind that the Northstowe Town Council is independent from the developers. As such, it is recommended that contestants avoid using the colour palette from Northstowe Developers, found on their website

Prize and Collection

The competition is more than just a platform for community members to showcase their creative talents, it's an opportunity to contribute to the identity of the market and the town. The winning entry will not only have their design seen by thousands of residents and visitors but will also receive a prize. This prize will consist of a hamper of goods or vouchers donated by market traders, a testament to the supportive and collaborative spirit of our community.

Get started on your designs now

Northstowe Markets eagerly anticipates the influx of creative designs from our talented community. We believe that this logo competition will not only bring a fresh identity to our market but will also foster community spirit, unity, and a sense of belonging in Northstowe.
So, let your imagination run wild and let's create a logo that encapsulates the unique spirit of Northstowe and its market. We can't wait to see your ideas!
For more details about the competition, please visit the Northstowe Town Council website or contact the Town Council directly. Good luck to all entrants!





The competition will be advertised as a community competition. It is aimed at Northstowe residents, but it is also open to people with strong links with Northstowe (e.g. who study or work, or are members of community groups in Northstowe).

The logo should include “Northstowe market” and reflect key features of market and of the town. Logo is to be used to promote Northstowe market in website, social media, as well as physical promotional material (printed posters, banners, tote bags).

Submissions for the logo could be hand drawn (to deposit in collection boxes in designated areas) or electronic to

Northstowe Town Council reserves the right to use and edit the design. The final logo may be use in full, in part, and may combine one or more drawings/designs or parts of them. Copyright belongs to Northstowe Town council.

In the absence of Northstowe Town Council branding, there is no guidance on colour palette or fonts. Nevertheless, Northstowe Town Council wants to present itself independent from the developers and thus, it is recommended that contestants refrain from using the colour palette from Northstowe Developers (