As much as Northstowe is a lovely place to live, work and visit, as anywhere there are issues.

This page has been started to help you find out where to report issues you may spot in the community.

How to?

> Report a suspected breach of planning work  -  Go to the South Cambs DC website planning control and enforcement for online reporting of suspected breaches of planning control.

> Report a water leak - Northstowe falls under Anglian Water - report leaks to (by phone or online, map-based).

> Report a Flood - Cambridgeshire County Council.

> A Power Cut - 

> Report Dog fouling or Fly tipping - SCDC online environmental issues reporting. [Please note that much of the land in Northstowe is still owned by developers, or managed on their behalf by Greenbelt for at least some of the green spaces - it is the landowner's responsibility to clear fly tipping - contact your house parcel developer if it is within those areas]

> Report a dog that is out of control - Information provided by UK Government.

> Report a missed bin collection - SCDC 

> A highways fault - Cambridgeshire County Council [Please note that almost all roads, cycle, shared and footpaths across Northstowe have yet to be adopted by the County Council (is to happen in late 2025 TBC) - until then, the developers remain responsible, i.e. L&Q for the main roads in Phase 1, and Homes England for the main roads in Phase 2, and the house parcel developers for the roads within each house parcel - contact them directly for any issues].

NB: Map-based reporting to Cambridgeshire County Council: Cambridgeshire County Council - ReportIt

Report issues directly to developers:

L & Q Estates - for Northstowe Phase 1: contact details

Greenbelt: green space management for (parts of) phase 1: email or go to this website [NB: these are the areas that Greenbelt manages & maintains].

Homes England - for Northstowe phases 2, 3A and 3B - email or go to this website




Crime and ASB reporting

· If life threatening: Call 999 (or 112)

· If not life threatening – e.g. Anti-social behaviour; incidents; road safety issues; etc, then report it through the following ways;

- Report a crime or incident online – - MAKE SURE YOU MAKE A NOTE OF THE POLICE REFERENCE NUMBER, and pass this onto the owner if not about your own property (or call 101).


Further information about crime and anti-social behaviour 

- About anti-social behaviour and reporting – Cambridgeshire Constabulary - see also general info at Contact us | Cambridgeshire Constabulary (

- South Cambridgeshire District Council - Community Policing/ PCSO information and reporting: - South Cambridgeshire | Cambridgeshire Constabulary (

- See also: South Cambridgeshire District Council: Reporting incidents, graffiti, noise disturbance etc – see Community Safety Partnership - South Cambs District Council

- On Anti Social Behaviour: The South Cambridgeshire District Council website has useful information including what constitutes ASB and links to report the appropriate issue. Neighbourhood issues and Anti-Social Behaviour - South Cambs District Council (

Useful leaflet from the police on reporting: Call-when-it-counts-leaflet 


FAQs on reporting

Q: What is being done to address speeding in Northstowe?

A: The main roads in Northstowe are still owned by the developers and will not be adopted until 2024/25 (see Your common Northstowe questions answered - South Cambs District Council ( As a built-up area, the speed limit is 30 mph whether or not adopted (with advisory speed limit signs installed to reduce speed further); any speeding over this limit can be reported to the police - online reporting or via 101 is best - see Reporting - Northstowe Town Council - details of reg numbers, date, time car make, ideally footage as well would help the police to target speeding investigations.


NB: other FAQs can also be found at:

- the SCDC Northstowe Community website.

- Homes England document at Northstowe+FAQs+Final+v2+July+22.pdf (